Blackethorne Bluff

We fully abide with site rules but, because of the type of room we are, we chose to add the following as guidelines:

1) No nudity- we are placed in a medieval setting and though cruel and savage at times. We are truly unaware of any of that time running about the streets without clothes, unless, of course, they were insane.

2) No anonymous characters will be allowed in the room. If you come in as a nony, you will be asked to take a name. If you continue to stay in the room other steps will be taken, such as using you for target practice or letting our dogs play with you (just leave... a trained hunt dog is not fun to play with. If you wish to observe, this is allowed, but a proper name must be taken and an ~o~ placed by your name. If you have questions feel free to PM a room member. We will do anything in our power to aid you.

3) We are based on a mix of AD&D and Fantasy. For spars we will follow AD&D, not all spars will require use of magic. There are no fights to the death. Like all facets of life, not everyone can or is expected to fight, we are not teenagers here, if you feelings get hurt, don't expect to just start a fight. If you want to issue a challenge, it is just that a challenge and may the best one win. There will be no battles to the death. Been there done that, and at this point we have nothing to prove to anyone. If you want to cause trouble and let off some steam, the Castle guards will make sure you're placed in a cell to cool off.

4) No all-powerful creatures or godmodding. Anything can be killed. Even the strongest opponent has its weakness.

5) Show respect.... this is a release not a true to life situation. Treat people, as you'd wish to be treated. If you want to cause a problem, at the very least you'll end up in a cell in the dungeon.

6) Keep OOC to PM with the party involved, if it involves more than one person we ask that an instant messengers or whispering be used. OOC comments are distracting and disruptive to any role-play in the room.

7) This goes hand in hand with the first rule, but just incase you think to try it.NO OPEN CYBERING. A kiss or a hug is fine, more than that head to PM or another room. Even if the room is empty, that does not give you the right to use the room as you want.

8)We are medieval and while servants were quite common during this particular time frame. We here do not recognize a gor/sexual style slave whether it is male or female. We may and often will speak of servants, but to us these are paid individuals treated with the utmost respect. If you wish to play a servant of a specific place such as a castle or the likes we will discuss it with you privately, and try to come to some arrangement.

9) PLEASE use pull downs, and use them wisely. It is not possible to be on one end of the realm and the other side the next post. The pull downs allow a simple easy way for role players to interact with each other. If no pull down is used we can only assume you are wandering in circles asking George: "Which way did he go?"

10) we are NO KILL/ NO CAPTURE/ NO COLLAR/ NO RAID room. Just because we are a no kill room does not mean our dungeon is overfilled, keep causing problems and we'll be happy to introduce you to your new home, your cell.

11) Tag lines are items worn under your avatar to show pride in either achievements or to display one's home. While we do understand that you take great pride in these. We do ask that while in our home you keep them to no longer than five lines with your Avatar.