Blackethorne Bluff

Blackethorne Bluff is a mixture of Medieval and Fantasy. The room has to have a fantasy aspect as, one of the players in the room could not be without their being some sort of magic involved.

While Magic is allowed in the room, we prefer to keep the use of it to a minimum. If you have others willing to join in, this will be allowed. Might we suggest a quick PM, to the people you want to role-play with to make sure they are ok with the use of magic involving their character. We have found over the years that the use of magic was a catch all, fix all, in our previous homes, but we don't want to discourage mature use of magic.

I'll use Antagony as my example. He is a gargoyle that walks the realm freely and, but if a stranger were to walk into Antagony in the heart of the forest, I doubt a welcoming hand would be raised or a kind word uttered, from a common person.I personally try to keep people unsure of what exactly Antagony is. I personally come from homes where magic played a key and intricate roll in the room, and while I enjoy casting spells and appearing from shadows at will. I am doing my best to curb that from own my role-play style. "So does that mean gargoyles are still here?" Sure, it's possible, but as far as Antagony and Nicole are aware, Antagony is one of the few of a dying breed.

These lands were ransacked by invaders in the mid first century A.D.. Now keep in mind, I consider a gargoyle a defender, but I do not deny that they have a dark feral side. When it comes to protecting his home, a gargoyle will take any means necessary to achieve that goal, even to the point of become a feral uncontrollable creature of magic.

We understand everyone plays different styles and believes different things. All we ask of you is that you do your best to have fun an play your character in a manner not to draw an unneeded amount of attention to the special abilities that you may have available to you by a simple incantation. Take the time to think about what a common person would think if they saw a ball of flame simply appear, or a person simply cease to be seen and appear across the courtyard on a ledge. Think now of a medieval time, where children were told stories of the boogie man and to stay in the light less they be swept away never to return. Yes Magic is woven into the history of Blackethorne Bluff, but not all people see it that way, and no character should be forced to recognize your use of magic.

If you feel differently, and you feel it is your right to go disappearing and reappearing around the realm at will, well that is your right, but I would remind you that times are changing even in Blackethorne Bluff and you may just get more than you bargained for. I will end on this note. We are a no kill room, and that rule also applies to npc's in the room. We would not kill a character that tried to kill Nicole or Antagony, but they would be sent to the dungeon to be taken and not allowed to harm others.